About Arieşeni

At an altitude of 1000 meters, in the heart of Bihor Mounains in Transylvania, lies Arieşeni. First documented in 1909 (under the name Lăpuş), the site is a resort in training. In 1924, Arieşeni split from Scărişoara and Gârda de Sus, which until then formed Scărişoara village. Today, Arieşeni consists of 18 villages and has 1860 inhabitants and a growing number of tourists who choose to spend their holidays here and find nice accommodation in 2 to 4 stars Bed and breakfasts.

The annual average temperature ranges between -10 , -5 Celsius degrees in winter and average 25 Celsius degrees in summer. Arieşeni is paradise for tourists, because besides being extremely beautiful, it has a very rare advantage: due to the weather conditions, the mountains are covered in snow for a long period time throughout the year. More specifically, one can ski at least 4 months per year. Therefore, in winter, the four natural slopes from Vârtop are full of winter sports lovers.

But there's more: Arieşeni, Apuseni Mountains in general, is a place full of perfect sites just waiting to be visited. Some host unparalleled beauty, others stand to remind of tradition in these parts. Nature lovers will feel at ease because Arieşeni is a friendly place for hiking, climbing, hunting, fishing, outdoor picnics, canoeing, Nordic walking or trekking. Locals are known for their patience with which manufacture household items, craft inherited from their ancestors – moţi. Thus, Arieşeni spreads everything about tradition and culture, aiming to keep the legend of the place alive.

The hospitable locals, the jaw-dropping surroundings, the fresh air and the smiles on the sports fans’ faces make Arieşeni a perfect destination in both summer and winter. Whatever the purpose of the visit: relaxation, walking, sport or tourist activities – Arieşeni will not dissapoint in any respect.

Come and see for yourself!

Location - how to get here - connections

Arieşeni is located in the Apuseni Mountains, the foothills of Bihor, in Alba county.


By plane: the closest airports are in Oradea (121 km away, about 2 hours drive) and Cluj (158 km away, about 2 hours and 30 minutes drive)

By car or bus or minibus: Access by car is on DN75 on the following routes:

  • Cluj Napoca - Turda – Campeni – Arieseni
  • Alba Iulia - Zlatna - Abrud - Câmpeni - Arieşeni
  • Oradea - Beiuş - Arieşeni
  • Deva - Brad - Vârfurile - Arieşeni
  • Timişoara - Arad - Ineu - Vârfurile - Arieşeni